who are we and what we do

Software engineers with proven background – BMW AG, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nat West Markets, SBTech and Progress are some of the companies for whom we have managed complex software projects. Now, at FortyTwo we have developed our unique, cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform from the ground up to provide our clients with a comprehensive freight and transportation management tool. Our proprietary platform is designed with the sole purpose to help you orchestrate the myriads of complexities embedded in the transportation and delivery business. It provides you with a holistic, end-to-end view of your process and lets you measure, analyze, predict, and address issues before they have even occurred.

We own and run transportation business ourselves, so we understand the problems, needs, and challenges that modern carriers encounter. We made our platform flexible and scalable to transform global and local supply chains into a collaborative ecosystem, thus bringing together all parties involved


We strive to deliver to our clients the best in class, cohesive digital solutions and forefront technologies to increase freight management efficiencies and optimize workflow in a way that sustain growth in every objective business measure. We are committed to continuous process improvement, identifying tendencies, challenges and opportunities before they become evident and thus providing the business leaders of tomorrow the essential competitive edge.


We recognize that our success and our clients success go hand in hand. We strive to deliver exceptional product to our clients to foster effectiveness and efficiency in all aspects of their business activities. We want to enable them to reach their goals and targets by bringing cutting edge technology and expertise to their fingertips and thus staying on top of their game. We do not believe in one-size-fits all type of solutions and standardization. We recognize that our clients are different in scale of operation, location and approach to business thus our transportation management system is custom tailored for every one of our them.


Integrity – We take great pride in what we do, so we keep our word and deliver on our promises in everything we undertake. We do not believe in compromise, exceptions, and excuses. Our product is designed to elevate your business, while keeping your information and data safe and secure. We put data privacy and security as a top priority led not only by the governing laws and regulations but by the highest moral norms of our society. For us, trust and reputation are the fundamental components for sustainable business growth, so we aim for transparency in all operational practices


Healthy growth, sustainable development and consistent execution of strategic plans are an integral part of our product and our corporate philosophy. That is why so many companies in forwarding, transport and logistics businesses trust us as a strategic, long term partner in pursuing success. See for yourself just how effectively our TMS software can be used and adapted to address complex real-world problems and business challenges of our current clients: