Forty Two Transportation Management System

Efficiency Through Automation

Next gen transportation management system for the 3pl and speditions

The transportation business is one of the toughest ones. Firstly, hit by numerous regulations, secondly – by mind-blowing traffic and thirdly – by the driver and personnel shortage. In addition, the infamous COVID-19 pandemic makes it even more difficult to operate these days. Therefor we believe that as fellow colleagues (we operate a logistics company) and software engineers it`s our duty to make everyone`s life easier and modernize the industry as much as we can. Above all, we want our transportation management system to help YOU do a better job, in a smarter manner! In other words – you`ll benefit from better traceability, flawless integrations with partners and other software systems, document management – you name it, we have it! Finally, we`ll be more than happy to speak with you and help you solve all the equations you have in mind. Stay safe!

transport management system for last mile delivery mobile app

Last Mile Delivery

transport management system with 24 7 support

24/7 support

transport management system for 3pl 4pl 5pl - small

transportation management system for speditions, e-commerce, 3pl, 4pl and 5pl

Optimize Your Company`s Resources

Do more with your available resources therefor spend less while delivering a higher quality service. 

Save through automation

Automate most of your time-consuming, repetitive tasks – routing and planning, reporting and invoicing, order creation.

Gain a competitive edge over your competition

Use our state of the art technology and couple it with our premium support and training. See how it takes your employees` proficiency to the next level.

Start making Big savings NOW!

Above all, we want to help YOU make your business more profitable. Let us show you HOW:

Push your business to the next level


 Improved operational efficiency, reduced costs and increased profitability due to automation. Those are some of the benefits your company will get by using our software. Let us show you how!