tMS with best in class transportation management system Features

Autonomous Dispatch & Routing

Our TMS, best in class transportation management system, can do all your company`s route planning and optimization automatically and autonomously. Reduce your fleet`s miles and benefit from up to 25 percent more parcels delivered per day thanks to optimized route planning and better fleet utilization. Consistently meet your time slots commitments. 

automatic route optimization and planning in TMS transportation management system
automatic data import in TMS transportation management system

Automatic data import

Easily import your orders through our automated interface (REST API). Other ways of system integrations are: excel(xlsx), xml, json or csv files sent to the TMS through our web interface, email, ftp integration, with or without VPN.

Capacity management and timeslots

All orders can have a specific timeslot and for that slot you can specify your organization`s maximum orders processing capacity in terms of volume, weight and number of visits. 

capacity management and timeslots in TMS transportation management system real life example
forty two tech security transport management system

Cyber security

Complete end-to-end encryption, advanced cyber threat intelligence to protect against known and unknown risks, modern firewalls. We`re taking your organization`s data security and privacy very seriously and using state of the art tools and processes to ensure it`s safety.


Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. -Mark Twain

Yes: firstly your company will save money from the process optimizations that are coming with the software. Secondly, your company will become more profitable as we are going to empower your employees to become more efficient and complete more tasks is less time

We can`t repeat it enough – automation. Firstly, your company will stop wasting money by paying people to execute tasks, that can be easily automated. Secondly, you`ll reduce human errors by letting the decision making to the software instead to the people. Check our other best in class transportation management system features.

Usually it takes a couple of minutes to have your instance deployed – we have automated the whole process. On other hand, If you need integrations with other systems – then it`s going to depend on whether we have them ready or they`ll have to be developed from scratch.

We can handle multiple hundreds of thousands of orders per day.

Almost everything that your company`s employees are doing manually on a computer – route planning, invoicing, reports